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Meet the Owner

My name is Megan Troutt and I am the owner of Megan's Made With Love Cookies. I am a Southern girl, born and raised in Tennessee. I am married and my husband Logan and I live in Westmoreland Tennessee. 

We have three dogs! Their names are Arrow, Jodie, and Flash. We also have two bunnies Ollie & Theo. Our animals are a huge part of our family! 

You can also more than likely find me on the go. I love the outdoors and love fitness. 

You may be wondering how I started my business or why? Well I started off my career as a special education teacher. I bounced between teaching in special education and working in early intervention for almost 5 years. 

During these 5 years I also started baking cookies as a request from friends and family. I began to pray for God to open a door during this time, as I truly felt so lost in what I wanted to do in my life.

My hobby of baking cookies soon blossomed into a part time job, and then became a second full time job.

My prayer for God to open a door had truly been answered, but the hard part was being willing to walk through it. 

I would be lying if I said that I walked through it immediately because I did not. I had doubts. I was scared. I listened to other people who told me I was insane for wanting to leave the career I was in. 

I finally made the decision to walk through the door God had opened, take this huge leap of faith, and follow my dream after a trip I had taken in Sedona Arizona. 

I found peace and clarity on this trip, and realized life was to short to not follow my dreams. Life was to short to not take chances. Life was to short to not follow the path that God had made possible for me.

I have now been running my cookie business full time for almost 3 years. It is a huge blessing and I could not be more happy to get to do what I truly love.

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